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Health at Work

To reduce the economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic in your company involves creating a safe return to work strategy, without putting people's health at risk. Get to know the mathematical process of our monitoring solution and make your back to work program more effective and safer.

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The new normal

The return to work has been happening, but in a different way and it will be so in 2,021. Clinical symptoms must be monitored closely and regularly, even when in the home office. SRW helps your company make the right decisions at the right time, for the benefit of the person and their family members.
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Health assessment and monitoring

In our app, the person answers medical questionnaires, respecting secrecy and privacy. The solution immediately warns  what action / attitude the person should take and defines your health status / profile at that moment. Unlike other solutions, ours considers comorbidities and their current stage of care, actually helping the company to make the right decisions, at the right time.
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Data Analytics 

Our solution brings data from health promotion programs' users (employees) allowing to forecast  the impact of these investments mainly with focus on high health risk group of employees.
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For less than
you think 

We are ready to meet your effective demand!

You can customize the questionnaire and use our own technology infrastructure,  our application is made to meet your needs.

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