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Our purpose is to make our society healthier, happier and more active

At the core we’re addressing the fact that many people are unhealthy and are living suboptimal lives 

Overweight and obesity are key drivers leading to chronic disease and locomotion issues

Current practices to address overweight and obesity are ineffective, leading to low retention rates and frustration for all parties involved

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Our Sinque™ technology
supports health promotion providers  in helping overweight and obese people sustainably adhere to healthy living strategies

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Our artificial intelligence learns from natural, daily weight fluctuation to forecast weight trend, validating users' actions 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Sinque's numberless weight monitoring solution ends the anxiety and frustration to monitor weight

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Our hardware, software, reports, and training allow providers to develop data-driven, tailored solutions...

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...using our numberless scale and app to offer a unique experience to people who want to become healthy

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Our report helps providers to offer data-driven weight loss programs in a more efficient and friendly way

Sinque is for:

  • Health promotion providers

    • Nutritionists, dietitians​, weight management clinics

    • Gyms, personal trainers, physiotherapists

  • Hospitals and medical doctors​

    • General practitioners​

    • Endocrinologists

  • Corporate wellness programs​

  • Health insurance

  • Metrics, based on medical parameters, of a population to validate the ROI of health promotions programs,
  • Population assessment tools to measure health promotion programs results,
  • Privacy of our users is respect following GDPR guidance,
  • Access to a network of efficient health professionals.

Try Sinque and:

  • Improve retention, adherence and sustainable weight loss

  • Stop using tools made for fitness fanatics and start using tools built for obese/overweight people

  • Manage programs with data and metrics from day 1

  • Improve program performance

  • Reduce management time

  • Differentiate your program

  • Join our ecosystem, where providers, health promotion programs and people motivated to improve their health connect

  • Sinque App personalization tools (the professional "touches" their clients when they step on our monitors),
  • Modules to improve weight loss clients adherence and retention,
  • Scientific support from weight loss specialists,
  • Connection with large health promotion programs (health insurances, municipalities, workplace wellness...)

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