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Improving health promotion program results with friendly and supportive IoT solutions powered by medical science and A.I.


"What gets measured, gets done!"

We connect health promotion programs with health professionals through personalized and data driven monitoring solutions.

Data acquisition with a non-confrontative  interfaces 

Numbers are not so easy to understand, and for a majority of people that are trying to get healthy they cause frustration and anxiety like "Gravitophobia". Our solutions use A.I. to help people to learn and understand the behavior of the metric that they are collecting.

Personalized information and an efficient network of health  professionals

Empower non-medical and medical health professionals to motivate clients is a fundamental element for Health Promotion Programs' success. The anticipation of their clients results associated with our  scientific support, make our solutions unique and disruptive in the market.

Reliable metrics (medical parameter) for decision makers

 The association of  individuals's metric forecast  reveals the impact of behavior change in  a population. Using our solutions Health Promotions Programs managers can anticipate changes  and improve their long term program results. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Improved services  to make our society healthier

Overweight and obesity are among the most pressing public health issues of our time*. Worldwide obesity has nearly triple since 1975**.

Our first solutions is a numberless and accurate way to monitor weight  improves weight loss program results in 40%*

Sinque is the start of EW2Health multisided platform and our B2B2C business for health promotion programs


Sinque is unique, elegant, simple and  efficient

Sinque for health professionals

  • Sinque APP personalization tools (the professional "touches" their clients when they step on our monitors),
  • Modules to improve weight loss clients adherence and retention,
  • Scientific support from weight loss specialists,
  • Connection with large health promotion programs (health insurances, municipalities, workplace wellness...)

EW2Health services to implement Sinque 

  • Metrics, based on medical parameters, of a population to validate the ROI of health promotions programs,
  • Population assessment tools to measure health promotion programs results,
  • Privacy of our users is respect following GDPR guidance,
  • Access to a network of efficient health professionals.
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